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With the lumber industries on the rebound along with the world demand for woody biofuel, wood pellets, and wood chips increasing, our sharpeners are sure to satisfy the need of our customers to keep sharp, quality product producing knives in their equipment. The use of this sharpener will improve your maintenance process while at the same time greatly decreasing your overall operating costs involved in chipping. These sharpeners work very well with disc and drum style chippers and conventional pocket style, face mounted and reversible/disposable knife systems, as well as recyclers with chipping knives. The use of these sharpeners will show a positive cost savings in knife steel and machinery wear parts along with increased production.

These hand held sharpeners will:
• Save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year!
• Positive cost savings in knife purchases.
• Safer operator environment handling fewer knives.
• Reduce knife resharpening costs
• Less downtime = more production time = BIGGER PROFITS
• Extended life for chipper parts such as bolts knife holders and clamps
• Less fuel consumption with sharp knives
• Fewer knife changes

Bevel Buddy™ sharpeners are currently being used on: brush chippers, whole tree chippers, in sawmills, chipmills and pulpmills.



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