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Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc.

Company History

Interesting Facts and Company History

Since 1988 Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc. has been manufacturing counter grinding/back beveling equipment for the knived Industries, mostly for the pulp and paper, sawmill, plywood, and whole tree chipping markets. With thousands of sharpeners on the market and on several continents, we have satisfied many customer's cost saving needs as well as increasing their production. The counter grinding/back beveling process is very simple. The knife is re-sharpened while remaining in the machine two to three times. The counter ground/back beveled edge is a more effective chipping edge while under normal as well as adverse conditions. Remember, sharp knives = top quality chips, less wear and tear on equipment, easier maintenance, less fuel consumption, a safer operator environment, decreased costs, and increased production.

The Next Generation of Sharpeners

We are continually re-inventing our tools to be better and increase your production. That is why in 2012 we are introducing three new sharpeners. They are called “Bevel Buddy™” Max. These next generation sharpeners can be used on even more types of knives and increase production for more knived industries than ever possible before. Some of those being: Brush chipper owners and manufacturers, equipment rental centers, municipalities, state departments, land clearing contractors, utility line maintenance contractors, horticulture, tree service contractors, pole and plywood manufacturers, and a few others as well as our existing customers.



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