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Pneumatic Bevel Buddy™

The Pneumatic Bevel Buddy™

Bevel Buddy™ Pneumatic Pic

The Pneumatic Bevel Buddy™ contains:

• The Bevel Buddy™ 0.9 h.p. pneumatic drive motor
• Two 1/2” duplex abrasives (part no. : A-MDA0195-D80-1*)
• Pressure regulator and gauge assembly (to be set at 90 P.S.I. max.)
• Air line swivel
• 2 oz. of pneumatic air tool oil in dropper bottle
• Collet wrench ● Safety glasses ● Instruction manual and DVD
• Storage case ● Reorder and Support information

* IMPROVEMENT: The indexing procedure can be performed 6 times, 1/2 turn each, before the abrasive is reversed and the Bevel Buddy head is indexed back to the start of the indexing procedure for another 6 indexes after which the duplex abrasive must be replaced




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